The SFI provides licences to Slovak films under Act No. 343/2007 – Audiovisual Act. The SFI provides them, in particular, to TV broadcasters, but the Institute also provides licences for other methods of public distribution and licences for the use of parts of archived films in newly made audiovisual works. A licence can be provided only after a licence agreement is concluded; the contractual terms and conditions always depend on the specific type of use of the work. The business meetings organised for the purpose of concluding such an agreement are held directly by the SFI’s General Director; other staff of his department then take part in the preparation of the agreements. The SFI’s Financial Department is responsible for paying all fees and charges to copyright organisations, authors, executive artists and performers under Act no 185/2015 as amended.

Contact: Mgr. art. Peter Dubecký, General Director of the SFI
tel.: + 421 2 5710 1503, 5710 1532, e-mail:,

Ing. Dagmar Kuková, Head of the General Director’s Department
tel.: + 421 2 5710 1521, 5710 1532, e-mail:

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