The loan services are provided by the Film Archive Department on the basis of orders from clients for one-off film screenings, screenings within film festivals, film showings, exhibitions, permanent exhibitions, educational activities and other activities for the public, but also for study purposes and various commercial uses. 35 mm or 16 mm copies of Slovak films made prior to 1991 are loaned; as regards works published as part of the SFI’s own DVD production, the Department also offers them on DVD. If the client already owns an original DVD, the SFI will only provide a licence for screening purposes. As for 35 mm and 16 mm film materials, these may be loaned only provided that a valid certificate confirming the technical capacity of the equipment to be used for the screening is submitted. If foreign titles are to be loaned, the consent of the owners of the rights to the film in question has to be attached to the application. Film copies available in the SFI Film Archive may be loaned only if in suitable technical condition. Details of all the conditions pertaining to the prices of loan services and necessary operations are given in the price list of the SFI’s Loan Regulations.

Loan Regulations NFA SFI

Price List for Services and Fees

Order of Film Loan

Contact: Hana Válková, Head of the Film Archive Department
tel.: + 421 2 5710 1540, 0915 736 715, e-mail: hana.valkova@sfu.sk

Ivana Vargová, tel.: + 421 2 5710 1524, 0917 437 100, e-mail: ivana.vargova@sfu.sk