The SFI’s organisational structure consists of two main components. The National Film Archive is the basic organisational unit for the protection and restoration of the audiovisual heritage, and the National Cinematographic Centre is the basic organisational unit for the area of public access to cinema art and audiovisual heritage. The Creative Europe Desk (CED) Slovakia forms a separate component of the organisational structure.

The SFI’s National Film Archive consists of three departments: the Film Archive Department, the Documentation and Library Services Department and the Mediathèque Department. The Film Archive Department carries out archival activities – it preserves, professionally treats and catalogues Slovak and selected foreign films; it also performs acquisition activities in order to extend the range of managed archive collections. In this regard, it also helps the producers of audiovisual works to fulfil the duties of deposition imposed on them by the Audiovisual Act. It makes the archived works available to the public by loaning copies of films, organising study projections and in the form of DVDs published by the SFI’s Publication Department. Last but not least, the Film Archive Department executes the SFI’s obligations stemming from its membership in the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) and it also popularises important works of world cinema in accordance with the principles of this organisation. The Documentation and Library Services Department gathers, processes and makes available document, graphical, photographic and other collection items, library documents – professional film literature, periodical publications, scripts of audiovisual works, printed or electronic catalogues and multimedia works related to film art. In addition, it carries out acquisition and documentation activities, it monitors press releases and creates bibliographic registers from them. At the same time, the Department acts as the professional guarantor for the databases of the SK CINEMA information system. The Mediathèque makes use of copies of Slovak and selected foreign films for study, educational and training purposes. It also acquires reproductions of Slovak audiovisual works from third parties obliged to provide these copies to the Slovak Film Institute under generally binding laws and regulations.

The National Cinematographic Centre consists of the Film Events Department, Publications Department and Audiovisual Information Centre. It collates and provides comprehensive information and services related to Slovak cinema, it presents Slovak films in Slovakia and abroad, it supports events with foreign films in Slovakia and issues general and professional filmological publications within the SFI’s publication activities. The Film Events Department co-organises screenings of Slovak films within film events in Slovakia and abroad; it serves as the communications partner for the organisers of film festivals and film days interested in screening Slovak film productions. The Publications Department performs activities linked with the publication of professional literature, DVDs with Slovak films, the film magazines and Kino-Ikon and, last but not least, of various promotional materials aimed at the presentation of the Institute’s own activities, as well as Slovak cinema and the audiovisual environment. The Audiovisual Information Centre establishes contacts with foreign institutions and provides them with access to relevant information from the Slovak cinema and the audiovisual environment; it collates, processes and distributes information for professionals in Slovak cinema / audiovision in Slovakia and abroad.

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