Vera Lacková in Producers Network

Vera Lacková in Producers Network
12. May 2024

Vera Lacková, the director and producer at Media Voice, has been actively engaged in shedding light on current ethnic and political issues within the Roma community. Her debut film How I Became a Partisan explores the forgotten stories of Roma partisans, inspired by her great-grandfather, Ján Lacko. The film premiered at the goEast Film Festival in Wiesbaden in 2021, earning critical acclaim and the Cultural Diversity Award.

Lacková is currently gearing up for her next project Do Magic which she will present at the Marché du Film in Cannes as part of the Producers Network program. Supported by the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC), Lacková’s participation aims to build connections for future collaborations. Do Magic takes viewers on a whimsical quest as Lacková seeks to dispel a family curse, rooted in Romani folklore. However, her journey uncovers deeper wounds, tracing back to the intergenerational trauma of the Romani Holocaust. Scheduled for completion in 2026, Do Magic promises to be a compelling exploration of heritage and resilience. 

Vera Lacková will join the Roma (in) Filmmaking panel discussion organized by ERIAC in Cannes on Thursday, May 16, at 14:00, at the Palais Stage to confront stereotypes in media portrayals and advocate for systemic change within the film industry.

Lacková’s accolades, including the IGRIC 2022 National Film Award for Film and Television, highlight her impact on the cinematic landscape. Her participation in prestigious programs such as the IDFA Academy and her recent memberships in the European Film Academy underscore her growing influence as a filmmaker. With Do Magic, Lacková continues to push boundaries, weaving narratives that challenge perceptions and foster understanding.