The SFI’s Film Archive manages collections consisting of almost 80,000 reels of raw film material. Of these, approximately one third constitutes archival foreign collections, with the remainder being collections of film materials to Slovak films. As regards the collections of Slovak films, these consist not only of films on 16 mm and 35 mm cinema film, but also of various types of security and reproduction materials – image negative, sound negative, duplicate negative, duplicate positive, magnetic audio tapes (sound effects, background noises, music) and recently also inter-negative and inter-positive. In respect of the film materials to foreign films, the Film Archive (FA) keeps several thousand 35 mm copies of films, among them the works of many world-renowned directors. The FA uses this resource to cover the education of students in film and history of art schools. In addition to the collections of film materials, the FA also manages various types of video media – HDCAM SR 4:4:4, HDD, DCP, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVD, SVCD, CD–R, MiniDV, DV–cam, DAT and VHS.

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