The Systematic Restoration of the Slovak Audiovisual Heritage is a project aimed at rescuing and restoring the archived film collections of the Slovak Film Institute. It was launched in 2004 and has been financed by the Slovak Government since 2006. The project entails the restoration of film materials from the original tri-acetate and nitrocellulose substrates to much longer-lasting polyester bases. This restoration is performed only after a detailed diagnosis and complete treatment of the original reproduction materials. New 35 mm materials are produced in renowned film laboratories specialising in work with archive film materials and state-of-the-art technologies and film raw material types are used in the production process. The work itself is performed under the professional supervision of staff of the Film Archive Department. In 2008-2011, digital restoration of selected restored materials also formed part of the project, for the purposes of the transcription of these materials to audiovisual media for the needs of TV broadcasting, digital cinema distribution or DVD and Blu-ray production. However, since 2012 only restored newscast films have been transcribed within the project, while a part of the documentary, animated and feature films (at least 1,000 cultural items) has been included in a separate national project entitled Digital Audiovision after the laboratory process. Detailed descriptions of the project and its course are provided every year in the SFI Annual Reports.

Contakt: Hana Válková, Head of the Film Archive Department
tel.: + 421 2 5710 1540, 0915 736 715, e-mail: