Digital audiovision is a national project launched by the Slovak Film Institute in 2011; its activities are financed on the basis of a contract concluded with the Ministry of Culture. The Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS) is a partner in this project. The costs for both institutions for this project over the next three years will total EUR 24,089,940.37 (SFI – EUR 15,439,576.48, RTVS – EUR 8,650,363.89). This project forms a part of the Strategy of the Development of Memory and Fund Institutions and Restoration of their National Infrastructure within the Operational Programme “Information Society”. The national project is unique as regards its extent, it offers conditions for the systematic digitisation of the audiovisual heritage not only up to 2015, when its activities will end (in this period at least 58,700 cultural items should be digitised), but also for the subsequent five years needed for sustainability of the project results. Accordingly, one of the objectives of the project is to build a modern digitisation workplace that will become a permanent professional workplace at the SFI.



This project is funded from the European Fund for Regional Development.

Contact: Ing. Peter Csordás, Head Project Manager
tel. 0917 525 235, e-mail: