The SFI has published DVDs since 2002. The first DVD title was Pictures of the Old World (Obrazy starého sveta) by director Dušan Hanák, it was later issued in two re-editions. The SFI mostly published DVD editions entitled Slovak Film over the period of 2006-2011 in collaboration with Petit Press, a. s. Together they gradually offered the public over 50 DVDs of Slovak films. In 2010, the SFI issued a collection of five DVDs entitled Golden Collection of Slovak Fairy Tales (Zlatá kolekcia slovenských rozprávok) especially for children; later it offered the works of Fero Fenič and Martin Slivka on DVD to those who are interested in documentaries. The SFI has regularly issued collectors’ sets of films of the greatest personalities of Slovak film, such as 3x Dušan Hanák, 3x Martin Hollý, 3x Juraj Jakubisko, 3x Štefan Uher, 3x Paľo Bielik and 3x Peter Solan; previously, films by Elo Havetta and French filmmaker Alain Robbe-Grillet were also issued in an exclusive collectors’ package. The first Blu-ray disc will be issued by the SFI in 2014 with Martin Hollý’s film Signum Laudis (Signum laudis).

The SFI’s complete DVD and Blu-ray production can be purchased at www.klapka.sk

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