Our Lovely Pig Slaugher

Domestic animal slaughter as a disappearing ritual, in the microcosm of which a person is revealed as he is.

Kalman’s Day

Kalman’s Day is about that stage in life when people realize nothing new will happen, where behavior and relationships have become so fixed that all they can look forward to […]

The Last Aristocrat 2

Count Frank Kostka, his wife Vivien and their daughter Marie live in their family castle Kostka. Housekeeper Tichá, maintenance man Lebeau and warden Josef help them keep the castle somehow […]


Tomas wants to stay clear of politics to protect his younger brother Pavel. But when he gets recruited to the international news section of Czechoslovak Radio as a technician under […]

A Good Mind Grows in Thorny Places

12-year-old Adam, a determined self-proclaimed local lumberjack in the so called Slovakian “hungry valley”, strives to break stereotypes and reveal his true identity in a community marked by differences and […]

American Chick

What do you do when the whole world is against you and you’re still a child? Ema Černá, the heroine of a story inspired by real fates, finally manages to […]

Constant – an Homage to the Apartment

A tribute to grandparents and an apartment on the top floor of a Bratislava apartment block overlooking the Danube and Austria takes the form of an intimate dialogue. Between generations, […]

Space Frank

The quiet life of a small Moravian village is disturbed by strange phenomena. Amateur astronomer Blaža is convinced that a visit from the cosmos is here. But no one believes […]

I Died in Irpin

On 24th of February, in the morning my boyfriend and I decided to go from Kyiv to Irpin to his parents. It is hard for me to recall the chronology […]

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