Constant – an Homage to the Apartment

A tribute to grandparents and an apartment on the top floor of a Bratislava apartment block overlooking the Danube and Austria takes the form of an intimate dialogue. Between generations, […]

Space Frank

The quiet life of a small Moravian village is disturbed by strange phenomena. Amateur astronomer Blaža is convinced that a visit from the cosmos is here. But no one believes […]

I Died in Irpin

On 24th of February, in the morning my boyfriend and I decided to go from Kyiv to Irpin to his parents. It is hard for me to recall the chronology […]

Waltzing, Matilda

A story of Karel Jaroš, an emotionally arid man, whose mother suffers from Alzheimer disease. It is not love, but the sense of duty that stops him from sending his […]


Beer is running out at Hurikán’s favourite beer stand. Hurikán has a crush on bartender and thus, he offers to get her a new keg. He sets out to get […]

The Third End of the Stick

The film follows the fate of Romani, minority within a minority. Queer Romas search for their living space and dream of working abroad. A legless father of five children longs […]

The Editorial Office

In the wild steppes of southern Ukraine, a young nature researcher named Yura is looking for an endangered species of groundhog but instead witnesses a crime. Eager to expose the […]

Her Body

Her body is a high performance machine. Andrea, a talented high diver, is in training for the Atlanta Olympics, but after her athletic career comes to an end due to […]

Neither With You

A romantic comedy about Lukas, whose mother suffers from a serious heart condition and has only days to live. To grant his mother’s greatest wish in her final hours, Lukáš […]

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