Once Upon a Time in the East

Captain Miky Miko is a policeman who moves on the edge of the law in the environment East Slovak underworld at the beginning 90s. When Miki is assigned by the […]

Forest Killer

The film is based on real events – in 2005 Viktor Kalivoda murdered 3 random strollers he chanced upon in the forests in Czechia. The case received much attention for […]


From sea flows through dark caverns to volcanic deserts. Lapilli is a personal reckoning that dives deep into the hard matter. Traversing through diverse rocky landscapes, director Paula Ďurinová deals […]


A film about the actress Emília Vášáryová should be a look back at her life and work. The scope of her work is incredibly wide. She co-created the shape of […]

The Limits of Europe

The Limits of Europe follows the lives of people on the periphery of public interest. In a world of great social inequalities, they have left to earn money for their […]

Aquabells from Prandorf

The stories of five women from the village of Devičany near Banská Štiavnica. They decided to “redbrand”, to improve, to change the settings of their lives and gender status. They […]

Kaytek the Wizard

A film about a little boy’s dreams that come true. KAYTEK becomes a wizard, he is able to enchant everything and everyone. Magic is a refuge for the boy who […]


Diplodocus is a curious little dinosaur dreaming of a great adventure and finding friends. Unfortunately he lives in a boring prehistoric swamp. He would love to discover what is behind […]

Tiny Lights

Six-year-old Amálka lives with her parents and grandparents under one roof in a small town in the early 1990s in Czechoslovakia. She is an innocent and playful girl who perceives […]

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