The Editorial Office

In the wild steppes of southern Ukraine, a young nature researcher named Yura is looking for an endangered species of groundhog but instead witnesses a crime. Eager to expose the […]

I’m Not Everything I Want To Be

After the Soviet invasion of Prague, a young female photographer strives to break free from the constraints of Czechoslovak normalization and embarks on a wild journey towards freedom, capturing her […]

Space Frank

The quiet life of a small Moravian village is disturbed by strange phenomena. Amateur astronomer Blaža is convinced that a visit from the cosmos is here. But no one believes […]

The Last Aristocrat 2

Count Frank Kostka, his wife Vivien and their daughter Marie live in their family castle Kostka. Housekeeper Tichá, maintenance man Lebeau and warden Josef help them keep the castle somehow […]

Gritty Eyes

When a fifteen-year-old boy from a broken home gets sucked into a burglary that goes terribly wrong, he is brutally forced to reconsider just whom he can really trust before […]


Ales gets too involved and puts pressure on his colleagues. Therefore, to temper his energy, CEO promotes him and makes him a team leader in the call center department – […]

Dry Season

Large fields surround a small plot of land where Josef runs his sustainable farm. He is a city guy who chose an alternative lifestyle also for his family, forcing them […]

Hanging Without Walls

The Kafkaesque process of renovation of the Slovak National Gallery has been going on for over a decade and there is still no sign of its completion on the horizon. […]


Forensic psychologist Martin Lang arrives with his wife at a mountain spa. Far from civilization, they want to relax and save their relationship. However, the routine of their days is […]

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